fashion ecommerce store



The old Swappeez site had UX issues and wasn’t using approprate photography to make the brand come to life.


The best approach was to redo the site from scratch and to have new photo shoots to create the exact assets I needed.


To design and develop a new fashion e-commerce store and to direct a new photoshoot, styling, and casting.


  • Create easy e-commerce user flow
  • Create a unique look and feel for Swappeez bran
  • Create assets for social media to popularize the brand


Art Direction, Design, Retouching, UX, Research, Styltng, Casting


Black Rainbow




Fashion Ecommerce Store


social media:

I researched the social media presence of other brands for inspiration on the best direction for Swappeez.

product shots:

I created a mood board for different lifestyle and product photography to help me direct the photo shoots and acquire the assets I envisioned.

lifestyle photography for hero area and product pages:

I browsed through many different sites of many different established brands to help me decide how best to position the brand on the web. With the mood board I created it was easy to gather the exact shots I had in mind.


I needed assets to fill in the UX skeleton I already had. I wanted to shoot against different backgrounds to present the brand in urban environments along with the current beach vibe. I also wanted single shots of girlfriends hanging out. I needed full body shots and also close-ups.


We did two product shots. One was to be used on social media and the other was just product shots for all of the detailed product pages. We also did a separate shoot for just the collections with all of their elements.


Once I had all the assets I needed along with the UX, I was ready to start with retouching and positioning all the neccessary photography as desired.


I made sure to keep the tablet functionality as close as possible to the desktop one with minimal revisions to make more sense of spacing and positioning of all the elements.


I also designed a layout with all of the same information as the desktop version but with necessary revisions to ensure a positive mobile phone experience.