fitness website redesign



Conversion needs to increase.


With the successful test results of the new P90X3 show, the business would like to test a brand new sell page design to be the main destination for all web traffic, as well as the web CTA in the infomercial. The goal will be to represent the online home for the brand (outside Team Beachbody).


A one percent net lift in LCMPV would account for a $2.93 lift to the allowable. For every one point lift, the brand will see an estimated $2,625/week in incremental revenue. Assuming a five point lift, this would roughly account for $683K in annual revenue.


  • Create a brand new new design to match the new P90X3 show’s strong test results
  • Fully responsive design
  • Increase Conversion
  • Increase Lifetime Contribution Margin per visitor


Art Direction, Design, UX, Research, Content Strategy






Ecommerce Sell Page


success stories:

  • I carefully studied all of the success stories from the P90X3 fitness program to determine the best lead story. After speaking to the test team I learned that Ed’s success story has had tremendous success in the past.
  • It was clear to me after seeing the latest infomercial that the P90X3 success stories were the strongest selling point of the program. Since these stories inspire so many, I decided to dedicate an area on the site to viewing each individual’s body transformation through a morphing effect upon rollover.

data research:

My research was detailed and thorough and included these key points:

  • I gathered test data for different elements on the old designs to figure out where to position the CTA and to see which were the winning colors.
  • I listened carefully to everyone’s success story and picked the best line from each. I then worked with a copywriter to polish it out.
  • Based on video empowering, I wanted to present as many video elements as possible, such as backgrounds, roll overs etc.

UX and content research

I created the UX and hierarchy on how to present all the content based on the test data.


After my research, I was confident on how I wanted to present all of the information and knowing the importance on all of the design elements. I then introduced elements to help the user to remain engaged at all times, thus keeping them on the page longer and increase conversion.

/Tablet layout

I made sure the tablet layout had a different interaction than the desktop. I also changed the navigation to a mobile-friendly one.


I also designed a layout with all of the same information as the desktop version, but appropriately modified to also provide a good mobile experience.

/prototyping and a/b testing

After all of the design was complete, I created detailed CSS notes to help the development team to easily pull all the colors, fonts, paddings, etc.