car experience mobile application



The car buying experience needs to be more fun and immerse you in the experience.


The Lincoln “Share the Drive” experience by La Visual increases the effectiveness of AMCI ride-and-drive tours by capturing clients’ in-car experience. This experience will provide clients with high-quality, pre-composed, user-themeable videos and images specifically formatted for sharing to the top social networks. (e.g., Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook).
The system is comprised of a custom-engineered in-vehicle monitoring system with LTE connectivity that will sync content to a cloud-based platform.


The client can then review the videos and images from anywhere, add some customization via pre-composed themes, then share with his friends and family via top social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


  • Micro-camera(s) set to record video when drive starts
  • Vehicle data from ODB II and GPS 'tags' highlights from drive
  • Content synced to cloud via LTE wireless network
  • Tagged highlights combined with pre-recorded clips and filters
  • Unique microsite link sent to client via SMS


Art Direction, Design, UX, Research






Mobile Application


mood board:

The app idea was to use different shape overlays on top of the user’s video. We had 4 categories - flow, craft, inspire and form. I created a mood board for the inspiration of the look and feel for these 4 categories.

app research:

I researched different Lincoln apps to stay consitent with my designs to what they usually do as brand.

UI and Icon elements:

I created a mood board for some of the UI elements so I can get closer to what the client was looking for.


The mood boards and branding research helped me decide on main colors and elements to use to create the app’s UI elements.


I worked with a UX Designer to create the wireframes for the iPad and iPhone layouts.


Using the research I conducted, along with the UI elements and the wireframes, I created the first layouts which remained almost the same until the end.


We tested out how the car images looked in the application and showed the client. Their feedback was that they wanted to see something different. We then decided to try out illustrations of just the outlines of each car. I worked with an illustrator artist to create outlines for each car model and this ended up as the final look for the iPad application home screen.


Only a few changes were made to the color scheme because we felt that the dark colors were a better fit considering the existing site already used some dark tones and graphical elements.


The final iPhone design was only modified slightly. I changed the buttons to ghost buttons and we swapped the person on the video.

/Creating the email campaign

The email campaign was the best way to share your exclusive test drives of the all-new Lincoln models.


After all of the design was complete, I worked with the video production and development team to create a prototype and present to the client.